Youthful Glow Skin Care Line

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  • $200.00

Thank you for choosing this new line. You have made the right decision! I am so glad you did! Seven piece skin care in a box.


1. GLYCOLIC FACIAL WASH-Morning and night.

2. REJUVENATE TONER-Morning and night.

3. REVITALIZE SERUM-Morning 3 drops. 

4. RESTORE SERUM-Morning 3 drops. 

It does not matter which serum comes first.

5. REPAIR BRIGHTENING CREME- Night time when you are not using the Recover.

*AHA SCRUB-every other day, once a day.

*RECOVER SERUM-Use 5 consecutive nights, then stop for a week. Your skin will peel and exfoliate after. Make sure you are using sunblock while using this treatment. This product contains AHA that will lighten and delivers new skin.



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